Palestine Blog post 2- population 

I am here to share this post with some facts about the Palestinian location and population. Palestine is located in the Middle East right below Jordan famously known for Jerusalem. According to As a whole country (Palestine + Israel ) the population is 8.4 million people . The birth rate is 2.4 percent a year , 33 percent higher than israels’s current rate of population. Currently for this country the rate statistic is not available. I believe the death rate is rising due to the conflict with Israel and Palestine. This conflict has been going on forever and innocent lives has been taken. The conflict is hurting mostly the Palestinian people , especially in the Gaza Strip where they are trapped and can not leave there community. With the death rate rising because of the conflict it is hard for innocent kids and women to even drink water. Since the population in Palestine issorring down due to the migration of everybody worrying what’s going to happen next. 
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  1. hmoeckel says:

    Hi I think one thing you should keep in mind is that Israel has a shrinking populations and Palestine a growing one. One of the fears of Israel is that if there were a one state solution, Palestinians would outnumber Israelis very fast and the state would stop being a Jewish state, You can find information on that on the net


    1. zshilleh23 says:

      this is very true professor. i will note that down.


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