Well I’m new to this blog thing so here it goes: This is Palestine. It is located in the Middle East. Right near Jordan as well as the Mediterranean Sea. The population for Palestine is 1.715 million people.  Palestine is known for the dome of the rock and Jerusalem. Palestine sort of has a democracy where the citizens vote for the prime minister. Right near Palestine is divided into 2 parts which is Palestine one half and Israel the other half. There is a war going on in Palestine and  has been going on since the 1950’s. As of right now there is a cease fire but at any time the cease fire can break.  Palestine has 3 different cultures which isMuslims, Jews, Christians. The Palestinian GPD per capita is 2,782.91 (2012). The gross nation income is 21.43 billon . GPD drowsy rate is down -4.4% (2013).




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  1. hmoeckel says:

    awesome! There you are.
    Good information. Please use APA citation standard in the future. I lobe that you added images and maps


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