HIV/AIDS Palestine

IMG_5632Palestinian territories hold a very low rate of HIV/AIDS infection. Palestine’s rates of HIV/AIDS are low due to the circumstances of the religion. Many people living their do not have sex before marriage so the rate of spread decreases due to limited sex partners. Most HIV/AIDS tests are due through screenings, which tell whether an individual is positive or negative for the disease. In 2008, National AIDS Committee reported that there were about 80 cases of HIV since the year of 1987. A majority of these cases reported cases were men. Men have a high rate due to more sexual partners spreading it around too. The religion allows men to have up to five wives, so this disease spread can go up to five women from one married man. Education of sex and AIDS were added to the school curriculum of Palestine. The UNFPA plays a big role in helping to educate the people about AIDS and the effect it may have on them. They hold peer groups and family planning groups in order to spread the word about what AIDS is and how it works.


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