Nuclear weapons Palestine 


Palestine view on nuclear weapons

  With Iran nuclear program coming to an end because of the deal with the untitled nation, Palestine nuclear program does not exist. Let alone them having any food or water in certain parts of this third world country. Meanwhile there neighbor ( Israel) is of one the nuclear warheads of the world. When John F Kennedy was president in the UNited states he pressed Ben-Gurion ( prime minster of Israel at the time ) about there building of Nuclesr program . A little chatter between the two happened in the country and nothing was resolved. Fast forward to when President Nixon became president and the United States moved from objecting to Israels nuclear weapon to protecting the program. To put Israelis perspective into better terms Israel had at least 80 percent nuclear warheads. Not only were these nuclear warheads being tested near the Palestinian border but France was developing these missles for Israel.  Not only does nuclear weapons push back Palestine but As well again there neighbor (Israel ) are demolishing there homes. 31 Palestianins refugees including 16 children were made homeless. Israel is now testing there bombs in the Negev desert. Also this dosent only make some of the Palestianins homeless but with the toxic waste and nuclear energ going around it leads to cancer for these people.


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