Terrorism Palestine 


Terriorm in Palestine may seem like it is a very easy topic to talk about because when you see these on tv  Extremists like people in Hamas ). It is not only about terrorism in this country but about the conflict that is going down. We have the extremists in this country ( the sucide bombers, the awe fully people that are willing to kill anybody in this country for no apparent reason ). Of course I’m not saying Hamas is right in this issue at hand we have because they are 100 % wrong due to there decisions that are killing innocent lives due to the Palestinian side as well with the Israeli side. Starting problems with just innocent human being is not the anwerr to anything. With no real control in this country Hamas just scrambles around and does not smart things. Now the conflict with Israel and Palestine has a major effect on both sides for Terriorm. Innocent lives are being killed on both sides. One great example is A Palestianin male early 20’s decided to kidnap and kill an Israeli.  ( this had nothing to do with Hamas) . So after this happening the Israeli army decided to bomb all of Gaza Strip killing thousands of innocent lives again & everybody in the world didn’t seem to know what was going on. This is a prime example of Terrorism but not in the act of one person doing it but as a whole military playing its part. Now if we look back on the things this military did to this country , horrific events happen like this every 4-6 years. Once again whatever we see on tv or read in the newspaper we can’t believe everything. Some of this stuff is propaganda. 




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