Tourism Palestine


When talking about the topic Tourism in different parents of the country means how everything usually operates in a country and the practice of traveling for pleasure & visits to places of intrest. Palestine is a great example of tourism and historic sits. A couple historic sits in this country is  Jerusalem where every the three major religions were founded ( Christianinty, Judsium, Islam) Bethlehem, The birth place of Jesus. Jericho where ancient history was made, As well as many casinos were founded there. The some of the Rock is a huge historic monument in this country . Very important for Israelies and Palestinanins. When entering Palestine you can either go to Nablus ( where all the traditional sweets and the city side of Palestine was founded) or go to Ramallah where the country side is founded and populated by many Palestinian Christians.  When going to the Israeli side you have Tel-A-Viv. Traveling to this part you get mostly all Jewsish people and a lot more advanced and more modern than any part of Palestine. Mostly all tourists go to Tel-A-Viv & Bethlehem.


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